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Become a better agile practitioner by learning the creative mindset so that you can achieve:

  • More alignment with agile values, more authenticity, and more grounding
  • Better relationships with your team colleagues, stakeholders, and anyone in general
  • Higher understanding about how to bring the best of yourself to the workplace
Marielle Fois

Hello! My name is Marielle Fois. I am a Personal Coach for Agile Practitioners, and I help people develop the grounding and mindset needed to become their best self in their agile practice.

Through my coaching I take people on a transformation journey of self-exploration and discovery, grounding, creative mindset, and higher knowledge, so that they learn a new way to navigate life towards self-realisation and more expressed life.

Your Grounding in Agile

There may come a time in which you feel misaligned in your agile practice.

You may face obstacles to be open or to have the courage to show transparency to the team or stakeholders. You may lower your own unique voice and engage in groupthink more often than what you wish you did. You may protect yourself behind your team or a position of power. Or you may not do any of these things, but still your agile practice feels like work to you instead of something gratifying.

All these are symptoms of non embodied agile values. You may be knowledgeable in the agile framework, know the rules and techniques, but you need personal grounding. In gaining this grounding, you will find meaning and fulfilment.

Your Relationships

The way you relate to others reflects the way you relate to yourself.

Whenever you have a conflict with someone, and you think you are fighting with that person, the one you are really fighting with is yourself. As long as you keep putting your focus on the outside person, that inner conflict stays unaddressed. And so the same unaddressed conflict will repeat again and again in your life.

Embarking in a journey of self-exploration, discovery, and acceptance, will allow you the growth you need to have more satisfying relationships with your team, stakeholders, and other people, feeling safer, and regaining power.

Your Creative Mindset

You may dream of becoming a greater agile practitioner.

Maybe you are putting a lot of your focus on acquiring skills, techniques, knowledge or certifications. Or maybe your focus is on doing what is expected of you as individual and as team member. You are in doing mode, crossing items off a list of what you are supposed to do.

Learning and doing are good and needed, but it is not what will make you a great agile practitioner. It is your mindset. You have the power to create your own reality, and by developing a creative mindset, you become your own creation.

A Life Impact

As you deepen your grounding, you’ll experience improvements in all areas of your life.

You are not a separate being at work and in the rest of your life. If you feel you can make more of yourself on a professional level, you may also feel you can make more on a personal level. You may be filling up your calendar with activities supposed to bring you fulfilment, yet not feel it. You may feel stressed and uneasy, that you don’t like your life, lost or clueless.

All this describes a learned way to go about in life full of misunderstandings, disconnected from the creative mindset, self-discovery, and higher knowledge. As you get the grounding and mindset, you learn a new way to navigate life towards self-realisation and success.

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