A Higher Purpose

When you are part of a team, the ultimate goal is the team. Your individual contribution should be directed to the team’s benefit. So one of the things we have to resist is self satisfaction as a primary goal. It doesn’t mean that you will not get satisfaction from your actions, it just means that the intention you do them is for the higher purpose of the team, not for your own purpose. Doing it for your own purpose is called selfish action, and yields worse results.

This may seem a subtle change, but focusing on the team’s good has some relevant consequences. You do not identify yourself with the individual results you get. You may have still committed a mistake, but this mistake doesn’t define you. Your inner narrative doesn’t fire with all sorts of thoughts around being incapable, not enough, or not worth. This kind of narrative can lead you to depressive feelings and inaction, to creating an emotional bubble hard to digest, wasting your energy and time.

Likewise, if the actions you took turned a brilliant result, this success doesn’t define you either. A different kind of narrative around self gratification, feeling powerful, or even superior to others, can consume you and can even put you in a state of euphoria. This mental state also brings waste of energy and time.

This doesn’t mean that the goal is to not feel frustrated or satisfied by your actions, feeling these emotions are normal, but they will keep within moderate boundaries, increasing your well being, and freeing energy and time for you to create and keep building on what you already have.

Not only that, but most importantly, focusing on a higher purpose will liberate you from the misperception that our results define us.