Non Attachment

You are part of a team working on a project, and you have specified a set of goals or have certain commitments, these are the results you expect to get. As compelling as it can be to stick to getting these results, and of course all your actions and your energy move you in that direction, you should always take the perspective of non attachment to results.

This means that, when time approaches and it becomes evident the results are at risk, the worst you can do is stress yourself, or stress people around, deviating everyone from their natural path, and have everyone do whatever is necessary to do so results are not missed.

This is quite a usual way to operate in the corporate, but the danger in it is it keeps the team stuck. The results the team gets in every moment reflect the collective mindset of the team. By observing the results, you get information and insights about where the team is, and this enables inspection and adaptation. This is key for the process of growth and maturity of the team, and forcing the results breaks the process.

At the same time as caring deeply about results, if the team doesn’t get them, the best you can do is let go. As long as all your actions are directed towards the team’s higher purpose, you can be sure you are on the right track. You can be sure you are not wrong.