Not Buying Into The Inner Narrative

Do you notice when your inner narrative kicks in and starts telling who you are, and what place is appropriate for you to occupy? It tells you what is possible and what is not possible for you in your life. It is reflecting all the assumptions you learned about yourself and the world throughout the years. And it is limiting you, in one way or another.

Your inner narrative may be a negative chatter that diminishes you. Or you may have learned to have a strong positive narrative, which will make you feel better, but still, what it says about you, that is not you.

Who you really are emerges in absence of that narrative. Who you really are is free and you find it when you connect with your deep inner self, and feel what is right and what is wrong for you.

Getting rid of our inner narrative requires practice and discipline. But it is such a liberating act, you will want to engage in it.

As a side effect, your assumptions about yourself and the world will change, because you will stop buying into all those beliefs. In fact, your new assumptions will be that, whatever you deeply and genuinely desire, you are meant to express it in life.