Resistance And Adversities As Guidance

Often times when we feel resistance show up, we see it as something negative. For example, the organisation is introducing some changes, and you experience some kind of resistance. This can make others think that you are not flexible enough, not confident enough, or not modern enough.

The reality is that resistance is normal and healthy functioning of the mind. It is a protection mechanism. Since we survived very well up to this point operating in a certain way, a change can be perceived by our mind as a possible threat.

Resistance is, in fact, acting as a guide. It is telling us what we need to work on ourselves next. Putting focus on our resistance, understanding, integrating, and overcoming it, will bring us personal growth.

Likewise, when we face adversities in our lives, we usually see them as something negative and tend to avoid them. Of course, who doesn’t prefer to be in a more pleasant state of mind. But the reality is that adversities act as a guide as well.

They are also telling us what we need to put our focus on next in our lives. They are opportunities for growth.

If instead of fighting and avoiding resistance and adversities, we embrace them and work on them, we will find that our life is led with more meaning.