You Are Meant To Express Your Genuine Desires

You are meant to express your most genuine desires. Think about what you would really love happened in your life. Is it finding a partner? Having a dream career? Surrounding yourself with beauty? Finding inner peace?

Whatever it is, you are meant to have it and you just need to make it unfold in life. If you fail at unfolding it, the reason is you are getting in your own way. At some level you may not believe you are worthy of it and so you boycott yourself by cutting off opportunities.

Don’t attach to getting the results you wish you had. At every step of the journey, the results we get are a reflection of our minds. They give us very valuable information about what to put our focus on next.

Listen to your inner guidance. It will tell you what is a genuine desire and what is not. For instance, wanting to have a better car than your neighbour is not a genuine desire. Desires that emerge out of comparing yourself or competing with others, are usually not arising from deep within you, and are therefore not genuine.

Desiring to experience love, however, is usually genuine. And remember, if you feel it, then you are meant to make it unfold in your life. If you are not unfolding it, then again, you are getting in your own way.

You can learn how to stop getting in your own way, and how to navigate life to enjoy the journey towards realising the things you most desire.