Being And Wanting To Become

In agile, as in life, you may feel you want to become something. It might be you want to become a Scrum Master, or a Product Owner, or a great Development member. And it can happen that your negative narrative kicks in telling you all sort of reasons why you don’t make such a good one at the moment. You may lack skills, or knowledge, or experience. Or you may compare yourself with others and feel you are not enough.

That kind of narrative is typical of when you think you are still not that which you want to become, and thoughts of insecurity arise. You are making a lot of effort getting certifications, attending online events, listening to podcasts, reading books and articles, being active in the community… But you still think that despite all this, you may still fail in your mission. Will you make it or will you not make it? That’s the struggle.

I’m going to suggest you a change of perspective that will help wipe out all these negative thoughts and clear your path. But before that, be sure that your desire is genuine, which means that you feel a natural attraction to do that role or job. Wanting to be an Agile Coach because salary is great is not a genuine desire, and therefore will likely set you up for failure.

This is the change of perspective: If you genuinely want to become something, know that you already are it. You don’t need to become it because it’s already within you. What you have to do is make it unfold in life. You will make a great one.

You may take exactly the same actions as you are taking now with certifications and all the rest. But your mindset will be totally different, and mindset is key to the results you will get. Skills, knowledge, and experience are very important, but more important is what you hold in your mind.

If you hold thoughts of insecurity, you will be an insecure Scrum Master. If you hold thoughts of confidence, you will be a confident Scrum Master in its journey towards mastery.