Build trust, expect health

Health is what you should expect, and trust in health is what you should build. The more you think about an illness, the more you invite it in.

Panic and fear deteriorate our immune system, and our immune system is the only asset we have to fight COVID-19. So I suggest you take good care of it.

Panic and fear shut down our brains to good judgement, creativity, and good decision making. So beware.

It’s ok to feel panic and fear, it’s normal. Allow space for them within yourself if they arise, because there is a good reason for them to show up. They are there to protect you in situations you perceive as dangerous. They are there to generate a fight, flight or freeze response that can save your life.

But what they don’t know is that you don’t need to fight, flight or freeze in this case. You just need to have a good understanding and take good decisions about how to navigate a world with such a pandemic.

So don’t let panic or fear drive your mind. Don’t let yourself be hijacked by them. Invite in also the part of you that has trust in that health is what can be expected for us.

Trust opens up our brains to good judgement, creativity, and good decision making.

This is not an if you think you won’t catch it then it won’t happen to you kind of idea. No, coronavirus is out there and people will get it and some people will die.

But if you live in panic and fear, how is that helping you cope better with the situation? Are you consuming your energy in an emotional bubble of negativity and apocalypse thoughts? Are you opening up space for learning about how to best change your habits to reduce risks?

Let me suggest one thing. If you feel victim of circumstances, there is a chance you are driven by panic and fear. If instead you feel you are in charge, then you are probably closer to trust.