Our home within

This period of lockdown is such a good metaphor of the importance to redirect our focus inwards. We are all staying at home. Staying within. Know that there is home within yourself as well.

A persistent sense of dissatisfaction makes us seek peace, fulfilment and happiness on the outside, whatever that may look like. Which keeps us in exactly the same dissatisfaction feelings because home we can only find within. So look inwards.

And I know. You may be looking inwards and not liking what you see. You may be finding a cold, hard, unwelcoming and even hostile home. Absolutely. What else could you find if noone told you how to find home within yourself? But know that whatever hostile it may be, you can turn it into the most pleasant, fulfilling and welcoming home as you can imagine. Somewhere you always want to turn to. A place that always has your back, unconditionally.

Finding home is a journey of self exploration and self discovery and you need good guide. You can’t do this on your own, there is so much to learn from others that have come before us.

This period is offering a lot of people the chance to disengage from the next-to-be entertaining and emptying thing to instead draw their focus inwards and engage in the journey of finding home within.

If you want to start your journey, get out there. The world is full of coaches available via Internet. Read what they offer, and explore whatever you resonate with strongly. In my experience it is not a matter of finding the one coach that will give you everything, but it is rather a journey in which at each moment you resonate strongly with something different.