Overidentifying with our life circumstances

There is a deep part inside of us where we will find inner guidance, purpose, and meaning. When we are connected with this deep part of us, and listen to it, we let it guide us, we feel at peace, we feel satisfaction and joy.

Whenever we get attacked by our thoughts, and we fall into despair, we feel a failure, unworthy, that our life lacks meaning… In these moments, we disconnect from our inner guidance. And disconnection is painful.

Whenever we get attacked by our thoughts and feel trapped, we are overidentifying ourselves with the circumstances of our lives. We let these circumstances define us.

And because we are so much more than our circumstances, in these moments we are dishonoring our inner guidance by ignoring it. For our inner guidance tells us what our purpose in life is. And life has its way of presenting us with the struggles we need at each moment to face, to overcome, and to grow.

So whenever we get trapped by our thoughts, because we don’t like our life and we resist it, we miss the opportunity for growth.