The transformational process to agile

When we start our journey into agile, many of us come from a very different way of doing things. We come from a more traditional way in which things like command-and-control, being told what to do, or delegate responsibility, are the norm. We know how to navigate within those parameters.

Changing to an agile way of doing things requires breaking patterns, breaking conditioning, and exploring different ways of doing things until finding what works that produces results. But until that is found, you find yourself with no clear parameters within which to navigate successfully. Until that is found, you are in a learning and transformational process.

This process, in which you may feel quite lost, is a much needed struggle to make breakthroughs, and change patterns and beliefs. However, what chances are you given of going through your transformation while remaining in a full-time job, which consumes much of your attention, and having the pressure to meet deadlines?

Is your process being interrupted because your temporary you with no clear parameters provides less results than your old you with the old parameters? Become aware of what you are going through and what your journey towards embodying agility looks like, and what chances you are given and you are giving yourself of going through your transformation.

It’s sometimes difficult to go through this on your own and you need help. The natural figures you can turn to for help are your Scrum Master, Agile Coach, and others who have gone through their transformation or are steps ahead of you in their journey.