Whatever is possible for you, will be available to you

We are not in this world to suffer. And we are not in this world to run away from suffering either. We are in this world to express more life where we have desire to do so.

In order to express more life we have to grow. And we grow through overcoming adversities, the adversities that at each moment we face in life. We don’t grow through avoiding adversities or immersing ourselves in emotional bubbles that are hard to digest, consume us, our time, and our energy.

However, what have we learned to do during our lifetime? How many have learned to move away from pain to more pleasant states of mind, and so missing the growth opportunity? How many get stuck in self-consuming negativity, failing to overcome the struggle? How many are equipped to face adversities in a liberating way?

We are the creators of our lives. You may believe it or not, but what you have in your life is as best as you could create for yourself. In an unaware and unconscious way, but still what you created.

Can you imagine what would happen if you brought awareness, consciousness, and learned the rules of creation?

Well, magic cannot be done, that’s for sure. I wish I could be an excellent singer, however a great voice is not among my talents. But I’m sure of something. Whatever is possible for me, if I navigate life with awareness, will be available to me.